Caramel Brand

We process pure range of Roll Sulphur 'Caramel Brand' which is available in solid forms and is purified through
distillation. The liquid roll Sulphur is passed through, in the form of vapor, through a large brick chamber in
which it is condensed on the brick wall and then collected as a powder.
The entire manufacturing process is completed in accordance with various pharmaceutical standards.
Following are the specification of our Roll Sulphur.

Appearance Bright Yellow, Shaped in Rolls of 35MM Diameter & 50MM - 300MM Length (Some breakages in to
shorter pieces will occur during transportation)
Properties Melting Point - 112 0C - 119 0C
Flash Point (Pure S) - 188 0C
Auto Ignition Temp - 232 0C
Purity 99.80% (Min. As SULPHUR)
Ash 0.015% (Max.)
Bitumen 0.02% (Max.)
Acidity 0.01% (Max.)
Moisture 0.5% (Max.)
Solubility in CS2 99%
Arsenic, Selenium and Tellurium Commercially Free
APPLICATIONS Refining & Bleaching of Sugar in Sugar Industry
Khandsari (Brown Sugar/ Molasses) Units
Chemical Industry
PACKING Packed in Laminated and Woven HDPE Bags with 50Kgs Net Material Per Bag.